Fenix Bjj team

-Fenix BJJ Team is a home to the very best in comprehensive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. 

-Fenix BJJ Team was founded in 2007 IN Woburn MA by Coach Ron Campos, a martial artist with 25+ years of BJJ practice. Ron has competed since white belt as he has competed in Judo and has also fought MMA.

-We are continuing to grow and expand. The Fenix Jiu Jitsu team’s includes: Fenix BJJ West Peabody, Fenix BJJ Stoughton/Maxx Training Center, Fenix BJJ Tewksbury, and Fenix/Lisbon Jiu Jitsu.

-As always, Fenix BJJ Team invites men, women and children of all levels to join our team. We encourage you to join a Fenix location near you and try the disciplines convenient to you and check it out!

-Fenix BJJ Team’s programs does NOT encourage violence or physical force. It enforces patience, discipline and respect.




-For centuries, people have practiced martial arts as a way to stay in shape – improving endurance, flexibility, strength and stamina.

-Training in Mixed Martial Arts is also a great way to manage stress, improve self-confidence and learn practical and effective self-defense tactics.

-Join our Team and be part of a committed and friendly group of athletes dedicated to training hard and challenging themselves.

-We welcome all levels.You may wish to compete or simply want to learn a new and exciting sport, regardless of your goals; training at FBJJ is a great place to learn all aspects of large variety of disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.